Top Cowl Curing

Yesterday I spent the day prepping the top cowl mold for the layup. I added the joggle for the mounting flange. Also, Jon came over and gave it a once over since he hasn’t been in the workshop in a while to see how it was shaping up.

Convinced I was ready for a layup, I put 10 coats of PartAll mold release wax on the cowl plug. I also cut all the carbon fiber and peel ply for the layup. By the time this all got done it was too late, and my arms were sore from buffing so much.

Note: I have used PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol) as a mold release before, and it does wonders as a mold release I highly recommend it. I even picked some up for this job. However, I read the directions before I was about to apply it. (I know, I will relinquish my man card for reading directions) It specifically says not to use on unsealed wood or plaster, that such surfaces require a epoxy primer or lacquer sealer before using PVA.

So today, I woke up and was completely ready to get to work on the layup. It took quite some time, but I got the cowl laid up and peel plied. It is currently curing. Does anyone else get the feeling of opening a Christmas gift when you pull the peel ply off a part? I am looking forward to that! I am not, however, looking forward to pulling the part off the mold. There is always a chance of it sticking. 



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