Its been a while…

Well, it has been a while since I have posted on my blog. Rest assured that there have been things happening in the Garaggio for the last month and a half, I just haven’t kept up with the blog. So the textual detail will be somewhat sparse, but in a few posts I would like to get you up to date because there are some interesting things happening. The most recent of which is making the scoops for the cooling and induction for the engine. There is a lot of physics theory involved in that, and I will get to a blog post sooner than later about it, but the geek in me is excited about that.

During my blogging hiatus, Dick Keyt made a surprise visit, and while he was here, we laid out the instrument panel and moved that project along. Basically holes were cut for the radio stack and the eventual dual Garmin G3X displays.

Against his will, using something other than a milling machine. :)
Against his will, using something other than a milling machine. 🙂
The 3 major “holes cut into the instrument panel.








In addition to our work while Dick was here, Greg and I also got work done on the forward flanges for the cowl mounting done. These areas also were used to fair the cowl into the fuselage as well as to finish fairing the canopy into the top of the cowl. While we were at it we also created an overlap on the canopy to turtle back to provide an area for a seal.

Turtle Back and Forward Cowl Flange Cowl Flange, Turtle Back and Canopy Seal







Much more has happened in the last month and a half, and I will get more updates going soon. But here is a look at what the profile of the fuselage was like to this point.

Fuselage Profile Mar 2, 2013

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