A shout out to the official energy source of the Garaggio

Yesterday actually was mostly spent in the kitchen. The tomato plants were telling me that it was time to harvest, and that meant time to can some spaghetti sauce.this is my 29th canning season, a family tradition. See, as an Italian, it is important to have a regular intake of great grandmas spaghetti and meatballs. Otherwise we lose motivation. So here is to the official energy source of the garaggio!



Even so, I still got a few hours in on the right wing sanding, I am starting to see shadows of the underlying structure, so time to switch to 80 grit.

I also got my 3M Stickit long board delivered to me also. let me tell you, this is the cats meow. Being able to Velcro on a new grit of sandpaper is priceless!

More sanding the next few days!


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