Bottom of the wings/strake/cowl surfaces contoured, ready for next step

Not much to add here as far as description is concerned. But the bottom surfaces of the wings strake and the cowl horizontal pieces are contoured to shape. I ended up with more pin holes, mouse bites, and rash than I would have liked. I guess that is what the epoxy wipe process is for. I did try patching micro into some of the larger problem areas, but that can be difficult as the two different micro mixes cure differently. Plus the underlying micro is porous and soaks up extra epoxy, making hard spots. It was somewhat of a guessing game as to how to sand these patches and get them to contour in. So I plan on fixing the rest with the epoxy wipe. Note to self, do a better job applying the micro.

One thing I am particularly proud of is the seams and intersections. Thee is no discernible difference in hight between neighboring surfaces, and the seams turned out straight, consistent, and narrow. Probably a bit too narrow, I will have to be really careful with not allowing primer/ paint build up too thick here, the seams are .032 inch.

Time for a week of vacation, and I already know I will come back with vigor to make more progress. Good thing too, it’s September already, and I need to get the bottom surfaces contoured before it snows.




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