After Rough River motivation!

Rough River is a great fly in. If you haven’t been, you should go! I had debated with myself if it was a good idea to go, or to stay in the workshop and make progress. The answer, in hindsight, is simple. Absolutely go to Rough River.


This was the first time I flew into Rough River, thanks Greg. I came back from the fly in with a full bank of motivation. Time to go spending that motivation.

This week I plan on spending a lot of time in the workshop and I have the drive to make great strides. Until I go back to work, I’m going to label these posts Rough River Motivation.

It took a few days to get neglected chores done, but I’m finally back in the shop. Today’s work included finishing the lower cowl (airplane is still upside down) trailing edge lip. It was prepared in the same way as the upper cowl with one exception.

The lower cowl lip has a mating surface to the upper cowl. That is to say that the last inch of the trailing edge goes over top of the joggle in the upper cowl. This was laid up over the top cowl with release tape. While I was at it, I also finished the lips around the oil cooler exit.

I am pretty happy with how the layup went, and am anxious to pull the peel ply off and trim the layup to see what the outcome is. I think it is looking good so far.



After dinner, I had a little more motivation. Since the cowl was on, it was a good time to repair the cowl seam. I had chipped it accidentally, right after it cured, when I removed the cowl. I didn’t realize that the cowl ha gotten bonded to the mating surface on the wing. Instead if cutting the seam, I just pulled. Wrong move. No big deal. Fixed now.


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