Rough River Motivation Episode 5

Today didn’t seem like a lot got accomplished for almost an entire day filled with sanding. I have to admit that I take more breaks and don’t seem to work as long of days when contouring is the plan for the day. I am going to have to play my cards around this fact. Note to self, don’t plan days with continuous contouring…

Anyways, I did quite a bit of sanding on the induction inlet. The exterior is close to shape. The inside of the naca is a pain. I have to use tiny sanding tools and inefficient/awkward strokes in this area. Makes for time consuming, tedious, slow progress, mind numbing… well you get the picture.

After a while I couldn’t keep at that piece so I shifted gears to the left aileron. The area around the aileron was contoured to fair the aileron in. I am happy to report that the aileron now is contoured into the surface and no longer protrudes below the wing.

The inboard/outboard seams turned out great! I also took some time to open up the leading edge seam. It was sanded to the same gap as the aileron ends and is straight to boot! I haven’t decided for sure yet, but I don’t think I will need to do the flocro/sheet wax treatment on this seam. We shall see though.

I finished up the day in the shop with final cutout of the lower cowl leading edge seam aluminum. Tomorrow I have to go fly safety pilot for some instrument currency approaches, and after that, Greg will be here. I think we will start by adding the micro on the cowl.

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