“Center, we are looking for lower.”

Today was a bunch of little things. I dressed the edges of the landing brake and re-installed it. I also got the remaining surface of the gear leg/fuselage intersection fairing laid up.

Then I turned my attention to the nose gear doors. I have never been happy with the ones that I have, or the nose gear tire bowl. So I made the decision to re work them. I have a plan for those.

The big task of the day was lowering the fuselage to a more convenient height for working on the bottom of the fuselage. It was a precarious operation with straps tied to the ceiling and an engine hoist. I did manage to damage the airplane in the operation. It is small damage, but the 2″ tall bulkhead just aft of the canard now needs repair or replacement. But all in all, we lowered the fuselage and have it on temporary supports. Tomorrow I will get the saw horses trimmed down as those will provide a better platform. A big thanks to Mike and Travis for the use of the muscles for the descent.


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