Trim, fit, prep sand, layup

The gear door layup turned out well. I released the gear door blanks from the airplane, and marked and trimmed them.

The rest of the time in the workshop was spent shaping the foam on the back side to have the carbon to carbon bond around the edges and to shape the foam for the carbon bid to flow. Clearance was also made where the tire comes close to touching the gear doors. I don’t have a photo of the backside of the doors yet. They are curing under a heat tent.

I did also get the holes drilled into the EZ Point nut plates for the induction scoop. The scoop is now screwed into place at all locations.

Due to some yard work today time was cut short. But I did manage to get one more thing done. The air vent for the back seat is a NACA style inlet and I floxed the inlet to the fuselage wall.

Tomorrow promises to be a big day. I hope to get the hinge arrangement worked out, and bonded in.

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