Side Job

I spent yesterday in the shop working on the gear doors and seem to have taken more steps backward than forward. To say it was frustrating to me would be an understatement. I’ll get to that in a later post when I have a bit more nerve about it.

To distract me from the airplane today, I worked on a project for a friend. Quite some time ago, he brought me a hot tub part to fix. It is rubber and is a cover for a skimmer with cup holders in the top. It had been previously repaired unsuccessfully once already, so I figured it would be easier and quicker to make a new one. I am told that none of the dimensions are critical for fit.

So I cut some pieces of foam and started glassing them together. West fast was a god-send on this one so that I could do multiple layups in one day and make quick progress. The photos below show the old one (black) and the foam for the new one. Also shown is after two layups and a quick sand job, the basic rough part. More sanding and one more layup and it should be ready for some quick finishing and paint.



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