A few tasks knocked off before going to work

I have to work today, but luckily not for a few more hours. That means I got quite a bit of time in the workshop this morning and it was quite productive. I keep knocking off little tasks here and there, getting ready to do the finishing on the bottom of the fuselage. The list keeps getting shorter and shorter, and I can almost see the fuselage frosted in micro. 

I got the nose bumper layup trimmed and the area cleaned up. A hand miter box saw worked well to keep the line straight. I did go slowly as I didn’t want to mar the underlying hockey puck. I very happy with how it turned out. 


Next up was the rear seat NACA air vent inlet. It was already floxed into position, but required some sanding/shaping of the flox squeeze out as well as the surrounding areas. Basically, the edges were rounded to allow BID fiberglass to flow over the outside corners. The entire area was prep sanded and 2 plies of BID laid up. That completes the installation of the inlet from the outside of the airplane. A few more things to do inside, but the exterior in that area is ready for finishing.

Lastly, I had a bit of time to contour the planform shape of the induction inlet. Originally, it was sanded inconsistently on the two sides and looked lopsided. So flocro was added a week or more ago, and today it was sanded to a symmetrical planform curve. Now the left side looks better than the right. They are both very close though, and since it will be finessed in the finishing, I am calling that done as well. Another good day in the Garaggio.


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