Engine Stand

Made it back to the Garaggio today after a good work trip. Of course I spent more time socializing and running errands than planned, so progress was less than desired. However, I did make it to the steel supplier to pick up some stock.

All I managed to do today was to make a few pieces for the engine stand. I want to get the engine off soon as it is in the way for a few layups that need to get done before finishing the bottom of the airplane.

The engine stand is a pretty basic tripod stand with a plate that the engine crank shaft will bolt to. The tripod will be on casters to allow it to be moved around. So three 3/16″ plates were cut and drilled to mount the casters to the stand. Another piece of the 3/16″ plate was laid out for the crank shaft mounting piece. There is a center hole that needs to be drilled to allow for some features on the ring gear, and that was drilled out with a hole saw. Tomorrow we will get the rest of the engine stand fabricated.


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