Odds and Ends

Short post this evening. Today Greg joined me in the Garaggio. We got a few odds and ends done. Greg finished prepping the cowl flanges for the final interior one ply bid layup to finish the structural attachment. Then we laid both top and bottom up.


In addition, I finished the front gear door. I had mistakenly riveted on the aluminum piano hinge without insulating glass between the hinge and carbon. Galvanic corrosion would have eaten away at the aluminum, so I removed the hinge, added a ply of glass bid, and floxed and riveted the hinge back on. Also the center click bond stud was bonded in place.


Then we started working on the gear doors again. I shortened the aluminum spring anchor inserts thinking that the original one inch length may have caused kinking in the spring. This allowed the gear doors to close, but we found that with the attachment location, there were  conflicts between the spring and structure. So we moved the spring assembly attachment location on the door again to see if we could find a location that would work. Moving the spring to the previous location did improve the issue with the gear door sequencing. However, the doors still don’t open all the way on their own. So we are still working this problem. We will get it… eventually.

In between different tasks, Greg spent quite a lot of time starting to prep sand the fuselage for Micro. We are really close to starting to butter the bottom of the fuselage. In fact, we are able to start any time now. It may pay to do this, and give the gear door issue a rest. Maybe not thinking of it for a while will bring the answer.



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