Conduits and Relief Tubes

Today started with getting the left side gear intersection fairing cut out for more clearance on the gear legs as we did with the other side. Now we have enough clearance to allow for gear movement during ground ops.


Then Greg got the brake conduits and relief tubes prepared for installation. They were clamped into position and 5-minuted in place.


The trough was filled with micro and left to cure. All exposed foam was also given a coating of micro to seal it. The next step will be to glass over the area to make the structural repair, the continue to finishing.


Since we had a little bit of time left in the work session we decided to add some micro light filler to some of the bigger voids in the finish.


Greg and I both have decided that we are sick of seeing the airplane upside down. We have decided we are getting to the point where we need to move on to the next step of the finishing so we can get it right side up. That will be an exciting day!

2 thoughts on “Conduits and Relief Tubes

  1. When I was prepping the Glasair to repaint I would get stuck on one area for a long time and would have to force myself to say , good enough, and move on. Don’t get stuck!

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