Moving right along

The garaggio needed a little maintenance today. Last night, a roller on the garage door broke. luckily the door didn’t fall apart or come crashing down. So we started the workshop session by replacing the roller.


On to the EZ. I started contouring the micro light patches that were applied yesterday. They all sanded out pretty well. Additionally, I finessed areas like the radius on the trailing edge of the cowl. I’m running out of places that need attention before the epoxy wipe. In fact, the cowl is ready for epoxy wipe.


Greg was here again and he took care of getting the structural layups ready on the gear leg fairing. Those were laid up using the typical structural repair method.


In between all of these things I decided to try out the epoxy wipe methodology on the landing brake. I used a roller to roll the epoxy on, which was West System fast epoxy. I let it tack for 15 minutes, then squeegee as much off as possible. I then waited another 15 minutes to re coat. I did this 4 times. We will see what we get when it is sanded.


You can see that there were some rather large pin holes and mouse bites in it. They seem to be filled. I’ll report back on that once I sand and prime.

I should also mention that we both spent some time on the induction inlet. We re contoured the lip on the end of the NACA inlet as well as a few inches into the diffuser. We need to add more micro in a few places. Hopefully we can get close to epoxy wipe on that soon.

4 thoughts on “Moving right along

  1. Joe – When I do the epoxy wipe, I don’t wait 15 minutes to squeegee it off, I do it immediately. Not to say that waiting 15 minutes won’t work, I haven’t tried it. After you done with the wipe, sand with the grit recommended my the paint manufacturer for prime. Probably 220 Grit or so.

    1. Sam – the biggest reason I waited 15 minutes on this part was because it was so small. I figure if I was spreading the epoxy on a larger part it would take me that long to get back to the beginning to start the squeegee process. It seemed to have worked, though I need to sand to find out for sure. That should be today. Im planning on epoxy coating the bottom cowl today too. Thanks for the input.

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