Intersection Fairing: Fin

Yesterday’s layup was cured, so I cleaned up the upper side of the gear intersection fairing. I think it looked pretty good. Since I am no good at hand stands, I took a photo and rotated it.

After the upper surface layup was cleaned up, I turned to the bottom surface. A bit of sanding, some sheet wax, and some foam removal and it was time for a layup.

The gear intersection fairings can now be called complete, for the second time. This time though, there is plenty of room for the gear to flex from shock absorption, and even MY landings.

After that was done I took some time to micro light fill some of the bigger flaws in the strake bottoms. I had intended to epoxy wipe today as well, but ran low on time. So I will have to do that tomorrow. One last look at the underside right side up.


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