You won’t believe what we did in the shop today

Sanded! Yup. More sanding. Ryan and I sanded the primer runs off the cowl and also sanded on the induction inlet and gear legs. The induction inlet and gear legs are now ready for epoxy wipe, which should happen tomorrow. I’ll probably attempt to spray the cowl again.

Had to take a photo of something for the blog, so we took a photo of how I contour the rounded edges. I start by roughing them out with a flat block. When you do this, it is a series of facets around the edge.

Then simply take a piece of fine grit paper and wrap around the radius. Keep tension on the paper and move in strokes 45 degrees, both directions, to the trailing edge. The facets start to average out. You will find that varying the papers “reach around” will give you the ability to fine tune the radius.


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