Odds and Ends

Yesterday’s priming session went well. I am still very much not an artist with the spray gun, but the results were certainly passable in most areas. I did have to sand out a few runs in some localized areas. We also did a once over of the entire bottom side of the fuselage with 180 grit. This got rid of some minor rough texture on the fuselage. The surface quality is not quite what I would want in preparation for paint, but is certainly good enough to fly, and probably even for most casual observers on the flight line at Oshkosh.

While I was working on the fuselage bottom, Greg sanded out the epoxy wipe on the Induction inlet.


In addition, we were also able to get the epoxy wipe on the gear legs sanded out. We then washed and dried these surfaces as well as the gear door surfaces. These were then re-primed.


After these dried, I couldn’t help myself but put things together for a complete, primed look-see of the bottom of the fuselage. Some of the seems probably require a little bit of work to ensure parallelism and constant gaps. But for a primed finish, I am very happy. Tune in tomorrow. I think we will have some very exciting progress to show.



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