Cleanup on Isle Three

There were way too many distractions today to get anything appreciable done. Not the least of which is having my airplane right side up, and looking all pretty in the Garaggio. I may have to cover the fuselage in tarps to get anything done.

At any rate, really the only things that happened today was shop clean up and reorganization. I didn’t get nearly as far as I would have hoped on cleaning. Seems like the mess in the workshop vacillates between barely acceptable and a pig sty. It only gets cleaned when I have to make room for something, or I am spending too much time looking for tools and parts. One of these days…

Anyways, Greg stopped by to see the ‘ol girl on her own three feet. We chatted a bit about our plan of attack and what makes the most sense. We have decided that keeping the momentum with the finishing is probably best. So we will try to get the entire exterior into its flying state, then switch gears to wiring, systems, and engine. Therefore, next on the agenda is getting the bottom of the wings and ailerons into primer. I set up the risers to make this job easier. Hopefully tomorrow I will have less distractions and can get the epoxy wipe done.

Oh yea, I also walked the airplane a bit and got her to kneel. Had to get it rotated around 180 degrees so that eventually I can get the wings on. Also had to exercise the nose gear a bit for a tour. I FaceTimed with Jeff to show him the project. Was a cool way to do a tour with another builder friend.


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