Wipe ’em Wangs

Today I continued the wing finishing on the bottom of the left wing. For about 5 hours in the workshop, there is not a lot to report. There was a corner of the aileron/wing gap that needed to be widened just slightly, so I took care of that. Then the aileron was removed. 

I then contoured the winglet tip, which was still in raw micro fill. It has been that way since it was first filled because it is low to the ground and has to be sanded upside down laying on the ground. It really was a non event, and now looks pretty good too.


Then it was time to fill some of the larger voids in the bottom of the wing with micro light filler and let that flash off. While that was happening, I put tape  on the leading edge to define an ending line for the epoxy wipe.

Then it was four coats of epoxy wipe with about 45 minutes between coats. As always scraping as much off as possible. Since I have  blended winglets, it was also necessary to do the outboard winglet surface as well.  

While I was at it, I also epoxy wiped the aileron. Hopefully we can get this sanded out tomorrow and get a wipe on the other wing and aileron.


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