ON, a wing

Today Greg was able to come over again, and we started by sanding all the epoxy wiped surfaces. This was the left wing lower surface as well as the aileron. It took quite some time, even with 80 grit. Even so, there are a few localized low spots that will need some prep before painting. Overall, the epoxy wipe did a great job filling the pin holes.

While we were working on that, we got into the priming discussion. The original plan was to prime the lower surface of both wings after full epoxy wipe cure (5 more days or so), then move on to finishing the top surface. It occurred to me that if we did it that way, we would have to mask off the entire top of the wing, to prevent the fiberglass form getting contaminated for the filler bond. This seemed like a waste of time.

Instead we decided to put the wing back on the fuselage, and we will start working on filling the top of the wing. I can’t wait to see what that looks like. We still have to do the epoxy wipe on the right wing, and that will happen this weekend. Then put that wing back on. Even with only one wing back on… It looks good!





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