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Well, first thing was first today. Had to get the Keezer cleaned, lines rebuilt, seals replaced, and sanitized so it can dispense the liquid gold. There wasn’t much workshop work on that project, but it did require tools from the garaggio and a trip to Northern Brewer for parts. I can say that it is now functioning, and the homebrew is good! After all, you have to have refreshments for sweeping the floor after a day of work.

The only work that got done today in the Garaggio was contour sanding the micro that has been on the right winglet for a few months. A long time ago, I had decided to put the fill on the inboard side of that winglet, then let it sit until now. I don’t know if there was any advantage or disadvantage to that, but we will find out when we do the other one. Anyways, here are the photos.




Contouring the blend required curved sanding blocks. I know that on the blended winglets on the Cozy IV, Chris used a cardboard  concrete footing forms from home depot. I didn’t have any on hand, and wanted to contour. Out of sheer laziness, not wanting to go to Home Depot, I improvised. I used a spent UV Smooth Prime can as my sanding block. A little spray adhesive on the sandpaper, and I was in business. The other sanding block is a curved Durablock. The paint can worked very well for roughing. The durablock worked better for finesse.


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