Lets get ready to miiiiiiiiiiiiicro

Today was a bunch of little things to get ready for applying micro to the top of the left wing and strake. Jon and Greg were here, and we got a lot done.

The first thing to do was finish shortening the dip stick and reinstall it. We then were able to verify the location of the oil check door on the cowl. The door was marked and cut out.


Then we prep sanded and laid up a 2 ply carbon bid flange around the opening. This will get reinforced by one ply bid from the outside of the cowl. The method used is pretty much the same as for any other door/flange. Jig the door back into position with bondo and mixing sticks, put release tape on the door, and lay up. The opening will be re-cut and the exterior layup will be done.


A ply of carbon was also added to the top of the strake. This serves as a “wing-walk” to prevent damage to the top of the strake for ingress/egress from the back seat as well as for maintenance. Basically it is a stiffener to prevent damaging the core of the top skin.


I trued up the fuselage side of the cowl flanges. This was somewhat difficult as they were fabricated in a way that does not allow the aft end of the top cowl attach flanges to all be in one plane. Therefore at natural breaks (corners) I had to true and blend three different planes to create a decent looking seam.

Lastly, Jon prepped two of the four aluminum seam forms. These are basically waxed pieces of sheet aluminum that go in the gaps between the wing and strake that will mold in a nice straight seam during the micro application. Two more need to be made for the forward and side of the cowl intersections. Hope to have that all done tomorrow and apply micro on Thursday. Stay tuned!

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