Just too nice of a day

Today I spent a little time working on a part for Vic. If you recall, about 5 months ago, Vic asked me to help fix a part for a friend’s hot tub. It seems as though when there are non-airplane projects they take longer than they should… or maybe I just get distracted by airplane projects. Anyways, I finished the structure today, and hope to have it finished tomorrow for him. At least that means I will have completed one of the “other projects” in the garaggio.


After working on that, I spent a few hours contour sanding the wing and strake. I am starting to get to the point where I am getting print through of the underlying structure in certain places.


I haven’t contoured the winglet yet, so that needs to be done. A VERY little bit more with 36 grit in certain areas, and we will be ready for a hit with 80. The wing doesn’t look very much different from the last sanding session, but you can see I did do something today by looking in the trash can…


This winter we had 44 days in a row with sub zero temperatures, and more snow in one season than I can remember in Minnesota. That was good for keeping me inside and working on the Long Ez. As such, I am suffering from a major case of spring fever. Today was just TOO nice of a day to stay inside all day. So I took Ryan out in Bob’s RV-7A to remind myself that all this work will pay off, in big ways! We had so much fun getting off terra firma today, and I can’t wait to go flying my canard!





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