Finally, the Garaggio delivers its first part

The big news from the Garaggio for today is we delivered our first ‘OPP’ part. I promised Vic that I would have Deb’s hot tub part done  by the time we had our brew session today. So I prioritized working on that piece. After all, I have only had it laying on the bench for 6 + months. So I contour sanded the piece, using Bondo for my filler. A couple of rounds of sand and fill, sand and fill, and I had a primeable surface. Of course, the primer shows off all the imperfections. I had intended on sanding and priming and sanding and priming to get a better surface. But Deb was happy with it, so I compromised and decided to use hammered paint to give it a textured finish. This at least hid all of the sins in my surface. But none the less, the Garaggio finally finished a project and delivered a completed part. Oh yea, OPP is other people’s project 🙂


While Bondo and primer was curing, I spent a bunch of quality time with the 36 grit. We worked together and got the wing, strake, and winglet just about to contour. There are a few details on which we still need to work, such as the corner by the longeron and the cowl hump. That should get done tomorrow then I am going to switch to 80 grit for a bit of finesse before doing the epoxy wipe. Overall, I am very pleased with how the fill is turning out on this side.


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