Todays Episode Brought to you by Sweet Martha’s Cookies

Anyone else recall how every episode of Sesame Street started with “today’s episode brought to you by the letter [A]?” Well today’s Garaggio session is brought to you by sweet Martha’s Cookies. For those of you who have never been to the Minnesota State fare, your missing out. One of the staple sod the fair is Sweet Martha’s Cookies and their souvenir tub of chocolate chip goodness. It just so happens that these cookie tubs are perfect for mixing micro.


Today Greg and I started the day with continuing the contour sanding on the left wing and strake. We went at it with 80 grit and were able to take out the 40 grit scratches as well as expose more shadowing (shown photo below) of the underlying structure. We are at least 90% there on this wing and strake. We are probably down to ounces of micro that is yet to be removed at this point.


After we had enough of contour sanding, we switched to prepping the right side for micro smear. Most of the surface was prep sanded already, but a few shiny areas remained that we had to scratch up. In addition, the aluminum “seam forms’ had to be modified to fit the right side. It took us about two hours to finish the prep and mask the right side. Then it was mixing batch after batch of micro in our Sweet Martha’s Cookie tub. Note the ‘implements of micro smearing” below.


In essence the process was the same as it was on the left side. Again I will emphasize that 1) using a blow dryer on low heat to warm the back side of your “implement of micro smearing;” and 2) holding the implement parallel to the span line spreading micro at a 45 degree angle to the span line (just like contour sanding) makes all the difference in the world. You end up with a much better pre-sanded surface, more consistent thickness and less ridges. Highly recommended.


My arms are already aching from the “stick of pain” therapy I have already had while contour sanding, and now we have more. Hopefully we can get the right wing caught up with the left in the next few days, amongst other tasks.



2 thoughts on “Todays Episode Brought to you by Sweet Martha’s Cookies

    1. Heating the putty knife makes the micro less viscus and less sticky. As you apply micro this way, it “flows” better off the end of the putty knife, creating a better surface and less rash and ridges. An added benefit is any air bubbles that are buried in the micro expand and increase in pressure. The bigger air bubbles can penetrate all the way to the surface and show themselves so you can take car of them. Voila, less pin holes.

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