Still, no genie

Greg and I spent a ton of time today, rubbing the airplane with the stick of pain, and still no genie, no three wishes…

But we did get the right wing and strake into basic contour. I’m actually very happy with them. You can see shadowing of the underlying structure most everywhere, which is kind of what we are looking for. The micro surface is the best yet when looking at rash, voids, and pin holes.


You can see that we can still sand a little while longer before declaring the wings ready for microlight and epoxy wipe. We spent 8 man hours sanding today, but probably have 1.5 or so left on each wing/strake/winglet until I’ll call them good.

I also had an opportunity today to talk with Todd of Todd’s Canopies about making my wing leading edge landing light lenses. I have notes on the recommended process and materials. Stay tuned for that project.

Here is a panoramic photo of the left wing almost there, disregard the bend of the panoramic photo. 🙂


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