End of an Era

Well, I told you a bit ago that I had some distractions going on outside the Garaggio. Today was the end of an Era. Today was my last flight with my now former employer. I was fortunate enough to be able to have my good friend Lance as my first officer, and another good friend Rob in the jump seat. Up to this point I hadn’t had the opportunity to fly with Lance, and it was fun to be able to accomplish that as well as pick my crew for my final flight.


I accepted a job with a major airline, and start training on Monday. It is 8 weeks of studying and intensive training. Most people compare it to drinking from a fire hose. As such, the activity in the Garaggio, and progress on the EZ is going to slow to a snail’s pace. I plan to keep the blog going with things such as paperwork, planning, and other related activities. Tomorrow I will keep working on it, and Saturday I will maybe put in an hour or so. Build progress will probably slow to somewhere between little and nothing, and little left town.


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