Project Patrol

Down in Phoenix and its 85 and sunny. It sure beats the weather at the Garaggio with that white stuff on the ground. Even so, It is killing me not getting any time in the workshop with my Ez. I should have time the first week of April to get back after it.

So that you all don’t forget about me and what goes on in the Garaggio, I am going to do some “Project Patrol.” I’m going to give you a little tour of some of my friends projects from time to time. If you have a project we can tour, especially if you have things that may be of interest to the audience of the Garaggio, drop me an email and we will put it in cue. (

Without further ado, lets start with Mike Beasley. Mike is another Long Ez builder. I feel like Mike and I am in a “tortoise and the hare race.” We each seem to build in spurts. When my motivation is low or I am not making much progress, I can “ride the wave” of Mike’s progress and stellar workmanship. Watching his build and stealing his ideas (shhhhh!) help me to pump up my tires a bit.Image

Mike’s Long Ez has some of the same modifications as I have done. A few of the mods include the larger canopy from Todd’s Canopies, the extended nose, electric nose lift, roll over bar, and Roncz Canard. Right now, he is working on engine hook up and baffles. Here you can see his process. Starting with making posterboard templates, then making the pieces out of aluminum.



Mike is about ready to get into the finishing work. I can’t wait to see his bird turn white! If you are interested in seeing more photos of his build, he has a really nice and thorough set of photo albums online. You can find it here.

Hope you enjoyed today’s project patrol!

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