A few baby steps

Not a lot to report from today’s Garaggio session. We spent a what seemed like a full in the workshop today and don’t seem to have a lot to show for it. Jon and I started by cleaning up yesterday’s layup. The layup turned out very well, and the canard actually fits better than it has in a long time. So those are all good things.

Also I sanded out yesterday’s layup on the forward canopy hinge fairing. Yesterday I was concerned that this may not work so well, but it turned out just fine. So I did the same to the aft canopy hinge fairing. When the aft fairing cured we sanded it out and put one layer of fiberglass over the exterior of both fairings. We will put a layer on the interior of the fairings after cure.


Greg was also here, and he helped me determine the lines for the border between the canopy frame and the canopy glass. We taped off this line so that we can scuff the plexiglass near the canopy frame. Then we will fill with micro up to this tape line, and when the micro is still rubbery, pull the tape off for a crisp seam. I know the canopy is so very dirty, and needs to be cleaned, and protected.


All of these things were tedious and took some fiddling around and “artistic/creative license.” It doesn’t sound like a lot of work done, but we are getting really close to being able to fill the top of the fuselage. Only thing that is really left to do before we apply the filler is to make and place the “seam molds,” either of sheet wax or sheet aluminum. I can’t wait to fill.

I should also mention that we used the lathe today to make the missing thumb nut from Jon’s router plane which I mentioned two days ago. Here is a photo of the simple part. We didn’t have any suitable steel pieces in the scrap bin, so we made it out of aluminum. I had a bit of trouble knurling the major diameter, so it has a “double knurl.” However, it is certainly functional! I am remiss to say I didn’t get a photo of the router plane fully assembled.




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