Airplanes bite, and that’s a fact! Any builder who says otherwise either hasn’t taken delivery of their kit, or haven’t thumbed through the plans yet… paper cuts count too. I myself have been on the receiving end and gotten a few wounds to prove it. Today was one of those days. I was maybe a bit overzealous when I was contour sanding and ended up stabbing myself with a pointy corner of fiberglass, flox, and micro. It smarted a bit. What to do when you are bleeding, want to press on making progress, and don’t want to bleed all over the airplane…. you make a Man-daide of course. (Name shamefully stolen from Jeff Lange) A little paper towel and duct tape and we are off and running.


The Man-daide is the most exciting thing that happened in the shop today. Other than that, I spent 5 hours contour sanding today, and it really doesn’t look like much got done. I am getting closer, but there is still quite a bit of material to remove, and I have only gotten about 1/4 of the way down the canopy rails. Tomorrow, Greg will be here, and we should get more contouring done.





2 thoughts on “Man-daide

  1. Joe, Been there, done that! Lol! How are you prepping the glass prior to micro fill? Mike

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    1. Just been doing it by hand with 36 grit. No sanding block. It is tedious and takes a while, but works fine. With the surface rough up I got, I’m confident of adhesion. I know some people sand blast and if I had one, or convenient access to one, I probably would have used that.

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