Operation Prime: Part 5

I have no clue what happened, but I had five things on my list to work on today, and I worked on all five. I finished four of them. Maybe I worked more efficiently, maybe I had less distractions, maybe I was more realistic with planning my day, or maybe all of the above. But at any rate, not only was it a nice day outside, it was a nice, productive day in the Garaggio.

First thing I worked on was prep sanding the bottom of the canard for filler. Lots of little hinges and things to sand around. Then I prep sanded the elevators.


Next was a lot of rounds of mixing micro filler. By this time it was 85 outside, and I had to mix the micro in small batches. It is amazing how much difference 10 degrees makes in working time and how well the micro spreads. It didn’t spread as nicely as I would have liked, and I had many things to work around, but it is filled.


Then I filled the elevators. Again pretty much the same thing.

While I was working on the control surfaces I also epoxy wiped the top of the ailerons. I know this is somewhat controversial since the ailerons need to be as light as possible to balance within the acceptable range, but I scraped as much epoxy off as I could and only did 2 coats. Hopefully this will lessen the amount of primer I have to use.


Once all that was done, I shifted my focus to the winglets and rudders again. I need to make a spar in each rudder and each winglet. So I started on the winglet side. I used a dremel as a router and made a trough in the winglet rudder cut out. Foam was also removed in a 4×3 inch area that will house the actuation mechanism.

As I was working on that, I was careful to find the rudder cable conduit and not cut it.


While I was in there, I also cleaned up the interior of the fiberglass. I had thought ahead on this one and used peel ply during winglet layup, like we do on the ailerons. I basically put the peel ply on the foam before fiberglassing the winglet. It was easy to remove and leaves a nice flange to layup the aft winglet spar. It was getting late, so I had to end there. A little more sanding and prep, and I should be able to layup the spars sometime in the morning.

All in all, it was a very productive day in the workshop, and I think I am on track to be able to prime the wings on Saturday.



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