Operation Prime Part 7

Yesterday’s priming went better than I thought. The coverage was good except in one area where you can still see structure through the primer. I spent quite a lot of time with 120 and 180 grit sanding through the eggshell texture of the primer. It took a while to get to this point, and in some places I was not able to get through the eggshell texture. On the next round of primer, we will get those areas built up so we can get through the texture.



I found a grand total of about 5 pin holes in both wings. Let me tell anyone who is questioning the epoxy wipe method, it is fantastic. I did identify quite a few places where there were low spots. I wouldn’t call them pin holes because they are rather large, but more like divots.


I put a piece of masking tape next to each one of these areas.



Then I went to town mixing some “Icing.” Icing is a high quality polyester based filler that is well suited to this kind of work. It has a very smooth consistency and flows a little bit before cure. After 15 minutes you can sand it. It is doing wonders for the surface, I can’t wait to prime over it.



I ran out of time today, busy with other tasks, to get the wings washed, dried, and another coat of primer on them. Hopefully we will get to that tomorrow.

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