Operation Prime Part 8

I can sum up today in about 4 sentences. Greg was here today and we started by sanding the remaining spot filler patches on the wing, then washed and rinsed the wings. Greg finished the contour sanding on the epoxy wipe on the ailerons, washed/rinsed, and prepped for primer. And in between we did a bit of sanding on the bottom of the right side of the canard.


I did a few coats of primer on the wings and ailerons. That is basically it. Good news is, the wings are looking mighty fine!



The project is going to slow down a bit from here, unfortunately. It is back to work for me, and work is about 1,200 miles away. Not only that, but I will be on call for work and not really have a schedule. Hopefully, I will be able to find time to work on the airplane and keep progress going. I will try to keep everyone updated and keep some activity here, even if I don’t get time in the workshop.

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