Dudley’s Rant

For those of you who don’t know yet, Dudley is our Boston Terrier and sort of a mascot in the Garaggio. He had something to say about yesterday’s work session. Sorry the post is a day late, but his typing skills leave a bit to be desired.

You know, I live a pretty tough life. First, my humans chose to live in Minnesota. You know that dreadful land where there is cold, wet, white stuff on the ground 10 months out of the year. Try taking a leak when there is 3 feet of snow, and my “low hanging fruit” is 6 inches off the ground. But I digress.

My human has the audacity to be away from home this entire week except for one day. This means I have to spend most the day inside when it’s nice out. I could be laying in front of the Garaggio sun bathing and waiting for the mailman so I can let him know who runs this joint, if you know what I mean. Hey, it’s just friendly barking.

Then on his one day home, he and his friend Jon spend all day in the Garaggio! I am stuck watching him pet that inanimate thing with that god awful scratchy stuff. What am I, chopped liver? I used to get pet, and now I’m competing with that overgrown ugly thing he keeps spreading stuff on and scratching it off. Of all the injustices! Doesn’t he know I have an itch behind my ears he needs to scratch!

“Hey Dudley, where’s your stick? Let’s go play with your stick.”

Well I can’t remember anymore what I was ranting about… Playing with the stick is always fun. Back to my human’s commentary.

Clearly I’m bored of posting about sanding, and adding more filler for minor imperfections. That is all that happened yesterday on the wings and ailerons. Dudley’s point if view was more interesting than the same post over again.



3 thoughts on “Dudley’s Rant

  1. I admire your persistence , you are at the hardest part of the project right now. I’m working on inlet and outlet air drag, also have anew Cato race prop being built. Looking forward to the AVR! Bruce

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