An object in motion…

tends to stay in motion, in a straight line and at a constant velocity unless acted upon by an outside force. Thanks Mr. Zim (high school) physics teacher.

That’s the definition of momentum. Something that has been so very critical to progress and likewise so very paralyzing. If you talk to most builders they will say, do something, anything on the project every day and eventually it will get done. This is because momentum makes it equally as difficult to get your project back into motion from a stand still.

It feels as though I am losing my momentum on this project. It is easy to blame my new job, training, and commuting 1600 miles to work for lack of progress. But the truth is, I still have time for something everyday I am home. And I am committed to keeping the ball rolling.

I got back at 0600 this morning, and after sleeping the morning I actually felt rested. I was supposed to go pick up an RV from a paint shop but weather cancelled that. So I was able to spend a little more time in the Garaggio than planned. Even so, it wasn’t a lot, and the work not very efficient.

Today was yet another day for sanding. I was able to sand out the areas where we applied glazing putty. There were also a few areas that I sanded the primer a bit more, mostly in the blends and the leading edges. I also washed everything in preparation for primer

I am still fighting the texture the roller leaves. Here you can see where I am. Still need to build up a bit more thickness on the primer in certain areas to make it a smooth surface.


That’s all I got to today. But it keeps the ball from stopping in place. More will come tomorrow in the morning before I have to return to Phoenix for work. We will see what I can get done before I have to leave for the 6:00 PM flight.

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