Wake Up Call

Jon literally woke me up today to get my butt out to the Garaggio. “I’m here,” was the text I was awoken by. Probably a good thing or I wouldn’t have gotten any work done on the EZ.

We started by more sanding the bottom of the wings. We also did some spot filling of the low spots. There were a few large low spots we tackled, but for the most part we were sanding to smooth the texture left by the roller.

Then Jon and I divided and conquered. Jon washed and rinsed the wings. Then after they were dry, he put another 4 coats of primer on. Fingers crossed, this could be the last ones on the bottom of the wing.

While he was doing that, I worked on the canard contour. I have gotten the filler down to where we are seeing shadowing or structure over the whole canard. There is very little filler left that can be removed.

The difficulty is the templates are not fitting. These contour checking templates should just be touching each other on the flats, fore and aft, as well as all along the canard contour. The templates represent the shape the airfoil should be.

You can see I am still quite a bit off. I need to determine if I can remove enough filler to make the templates fit well enough or if I need to come up with an alternative plan. I have some CNC cut templates coming so that I can be sure the problem isn’t my templates. Right now the jury is out if we can make this canard the proper shape and size.

Maybe I will be surprised at how much impact removing little bits if micro can have. Fingers crossed. The shape of the canard greatly affects flying qualities, I would like one as close to plans as possible.





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