Canardly believe it

My posts seem to be getting redundantly repetitive. Get home from work at 0600, get a quick nap in, contour sand as much as I can stand, then go back to Phoenix the next day. So I’m sure your not surprised that that is exactly what happened yesterday, and right now I’m on the flight back to work.

There is a silver lining. Yesterday I got a lot of sanding done. I sanded out the bottom surfaces of the wings. They were in what I hoped would be final primer, but I sanded through in some places meaning I didn’t have enough primer build up there. The surface, however, is good over such a majority of the wing, that I decided I was only going to spot prime the low areas. I’m optimistic once these coats get sanded it will be a near perfect surface. Here you can just make out where I have added primer, the textured area.

Once I got the primer on the wings I switched to the canard. As I told you last week, the canard is too thick, but very consistent left and right. I’m happy to report that I spent a few hours finessing the canard contour and I have proclaimed it as good as we can get with the aforementioned variations. So now it is on to epoxy wipe for the canard. Can’t wait to get it primed and purdy. Canardly believe there is light at the end of the tunnel for the canard. 🙂

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