Eight Hours to fill the dustpan…

The title pretty much sums it up. A full day spent on contouring the elevators. Sanding micro after sanding primer sucks. It takes a long time to make progress. It’s like sanding concrete after sanding balsa wood. I made a good mess too!

The good news is I made progress. The elevators are now contoured. In a twist of, “par for the course,” the elevators are too thick. Just like the canard. Though they are not nearly as “too thick” as the canard. They are about 1/8″ too thick at the leading edge, and 1/16″ at the trailing edge. I could thin out the trailing edge a bit more, however, it would change the contour appreciably. Right now, the contour matches the templates well. So I am opting for slightly too thick and matching contour.

I plan to epoxy wipe the elevators. There is some debate if this is a good idea. The elevators have to be kept light to ensure proper balance. I am going to rig up a balance jig tomorrow to check pre-epoxy wipe balance. So long as it looks like I can afford the weight, I’m going to put a couple coats of epoxy on. The epoxy isn’t appreciably different than the weight of the primer, and it will do a better job filling the minor imperfections.

Here are a couple of photos of the elevators and the contour checking templates. Can’t wait to get them in white primer.




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