MSP Layover

Got the best call from scheduling I can get while on reserve (on call). “Joe, we have a trip for you, it’s a Minneapolis layover, with a 13 hour layover and only one leg back to Phoenix tomorrow.” The best part of it is, tomorrow is a deadhead back to Phoenix, meaning I’m riding as a passenger to reposition. So I may not have to leave home tomorrow. Score.

Since I had an extra night at home, I went out to the Garaggio and did an hour of sanding on the control surfaces. As predicted, the bottom of the ailerons are pretty well done. I’m going to touch up two edges and the bottom will be complete. The elevators and rudders need one more coat on the top surface of the elevator and the outboard surface of the rudders. Then I can do the opposite surfaces. They are washed and drying right now. Early tomorrow morning, I will prime these surfaces. Then if I don’t have to go to work, get even more done. Sorry. No photos. Figure why post the same photo, again…

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