Bonus day in the Garaggio

I didn’t have to go back to Phoenix today, so that means bonus day in the Garaggio. I really need to send a Starbucks card to crew scheduling, because that couldn’t have been a better trip to be assigned. 🙂

This morning started with getting a coat of primer on the control surfaces, which is actually three light coats. Then after springing Dudley from purgatory, the kennel, I went back to the shop and sanded out the canard and control surfaces.

As predicted, the ailerons are done with the exception of some spot priming. The rudders are too. Just a few small areas of epoxy wipe made themselves visible to cover up.

The elevator top sides sanded out very well and are also done. The canard top side sanded out well too. But there were enough areas that I decided to do another full coverage of the canard.

Since I had this bonus day in the Garaggio, I still had time to prime. So I got a round of three coats on the unprimed sides of the rudders, the bottom of the elevators, and the top of the canard. In addition I touched up the ailerons. All in all a great bonus day. Tomorrow we will get more sanding and priming done. Can’t wait!

Here is the same photo again, though the elevators are bottom up and the rudders are on the opposite side. I promise I’m looking for something more exciting to photograph.


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