I hit snooze, oh about 6 or 8 times this morning. I just did not want to get out of bed. I’m not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, but I needed to get just a little bit more done before I went back to work.

So the plan was to sand out all the surfaces that were primed yesterday so they would be either be finished or ready for another coat of primer on the day I get back from work. See, I don’t always have the energy to sand after traveling home, but I can always pretty much swing a coat of primer. So this plan usually allows me to make better use of home time.

Well, the snooze button took sanding the control surfaces off the table. However, I was able to sand the canard. The bottom of the canard is ready for another coat of primer. The top of the canard is finished. It sanded out really well. I still have to sand out the canard/fuselage fairing, but I am quite certain it will sand out just fine. It is exciting to keep knocking surfaces off the finishing list!


Well, I’m at 36,000 feet over New Mexico somewhere, replenishing my caffeine levels, on my way to work for four days. Stay tuned for more sanding.


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