Half day before work

Since I didn’t get the fuselage ready for primer yesterday, I decided to get up early and get a half day of work in sanding before I had to leave for work. Greg was available, so he came over to help. We concentrated on finishing the sanding on the epoxy wipe on the fuselage and top of the strakes. We were able to get it just about ready for primer.

There were some areas that needed some spot putty even after the epoxy wipe. It is best to do it now so that it is as far underneath the primer as possible so it doesn’t take as many coats to prevent the “ugly spots.” The biggest area that needs work yet is the intersection of the longerons and strakes. There is a radius here, and in the course of sanding it has created discontinuities where the radius meets the flats of the strake and longeron. I still need to add a bit of spot putty in some areas along this intersection and we will be ready for primer. I can’t wait for it to turn white before my very eyes.


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