Go-on-git! Ugly Betty is no longer welcome here.

I went to bed early last night in order to get some rest so I could wake up early this morning, well early for me. It was one cup of coffee, really not enough, then out to the Garaggio. I finished the strake to longeron intersections and spent quite a bit of time with the spot putty, but eventually, I got it to what I was looking for. Then it was time. I washed, rinsed, and dried the fuselage, canard bottom, and the rudders. Ugly Betty, you are no longer welcome here. Go-on-git!


I put on three coats of primer on each of those surfaces. I had one of those rare moments that happen while building an airplane. After hours and days and months of working on something, there is this moment when you glance at something and it transforms before your eyes. I was refilling the primer tray on the other side of the workshop, and it happened when I came through the door and saw the fuselage after the second coat of primer.

From 15 feet, the second coat of primer covered adequately and you really couldn’t tell it still has a bit of work to make the finish look, well, finished. But I had to take a moment and just look. It is starting to look… white. Like an Ez. There will still be multiple coats of primer yet on the fuselage, but it is encouraging. And primer sands better than epoxy wipe. 🙂 Without further ado, here she is in the start of her new wardrobe.



Oh and here is proof I primed the canard and rudders. Pales in comparison to Ugly Betty vacating the building.


Since I woke up early, I still had lots of time left in the day, so I cleaned up the shop a little bit and rearranged so I could work on one of the few remaining parts that has micro which needs to be contoured, the canopy. It has been contoured on the exterior, but the interior needs contouring. So I got to work sanding. It is about half way to the epoxy wipe stage. A few more hours, and we can wipe, then prime.


Lastly, the prop. I told you a few posts ago that the prop won’t work for me. So I boxed it up tonight to FedEx it back to Catto. Long story short, N1614J has a new prop being made by Catto. I should say right now that the customer service from Catto exceeds my expectations by at least an order of magnitude. Not only do they make the most efficient and best props you can get for these airplanes, but their customer service is STELLAR. I have not dealt with another company that has even come close.


I only get a half day tomorrow in the shop, and then have to go back to work. Maybe I will try to get to bed early again tonight so I can be as productive tomorrow as I was today.

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