Garaggio time cut short

Workshop time was limited to about an hour and a half today due to the “Tuesday in Fall” airline schedule reductions. Which meant I had to leave on the 11:30 flight today instead of the 2:30 flight to get to work. So I found a small project to work on.

The front seam on the top cowl has been troublesome and has never quite come out the way I wanted. So I trued up the mating side on the fuselage. The cowl was installed and then the seam forms were put back in place. They are just sheets of aluminum that prevent filler from getting into the seam and should leave parallel and straight seams after cure. Then I spread flocro into the problem areas on the cowl side. Hopefully this will take care of it and we can move on to epoxy wiping the top cowl.


I had about 15 or 20 minutes left before cleaning up for work, so I started contouring the primer on the right strake. It is sanding out quite well. I have more to do on this strake and the rest of the areas I primed, but if this strake is any indication of the rest of the surfaces, I don’t have to put too many more coats ons it.


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