Wipe on, Squeegee Off

I got done today with my on call shift for the week, and was able to get home at a reasonable time. So I got a little bit of Garaggio time after dinner. I started by taking the top cowl off the airplane and sanding the filler that I put on last week to repair the cowl/fuselage seam. I am quite happy with how the repaired seam came out.

Once that was sanded out, I taped off the mating areas to prevent epoxy from getting in places that could prevent the cowl from being re-installed. I then mixed up and wiped on four coats of epoxy wipe. I made sure to squeegee as much off as possible. In the next couple days, I will sand it out and next week, turn it white.


There is a lot on the agenda for the Garaggio tomorrow. Including some time to take a load off and “sit on the job.”

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