Wipe your

Canopy! Finished doing the contouring of the micro on the canopy interior today. It took quite a bit longer than I anticipated due to sanding around all of the latch and hinge areas. Oh and taping everything off.

In addition I had a visit from Jon and his mother, Peggy. He hadn’t seen the airplane since it got primed, so it was time for him to come check it out. His mom has heard a lot about the project, but has never seen it. So we did a little tour of the Garaggio Ez for her. Too bad the shop wasn’t more cleaned up.

Well, after all the touring, I got both the interior and exterior of the canopy epoxy wiped with three coats on each side. In between coats, I wanted to let the epoxy tack up a bit. While I was waiting, I did some sanding on the fuselage primer. There are a few more areas that need to be contoured and about 5 spots that need spot putty. Then we will be ready for the next coat. I have to go back to work tomorrow, so if I can get out of bed early enough, I will get another coat of primer on the fuselage tomorrow before I leave.


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