Daylight in the Swamp

That is grandpa’s line for waking up sleeping kids, grand kids, etc. especially when there was work to be done. When the iPhone alarm went off at 0545 this morning, it was obnoxious. I thought to myself, I’d rather hear “Daylight in the swamp,” come ringing down the hallway. Either way, it did the trick… Up and at ’em early enough to get a half day in the shop before leaving for work.

Not much exciting to report, just some more of the same. I finished sanding the few areas on the fuselage primer that still needed sanding. Then applied spot putty to a few of the lower areas. And sanded again.

Once that was done, it was wash, rinse, and squeegee dry. Three more coats of UV Smooth Prime rolled on. It’s too bad rolling leaves such harsh texture, it really looks good from 5 feet… Four hours went quickly, I finished up with just enough time to put laundry away, clean up and run out the door to catch my flight.


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