Sitting in the back seat

Today Sean was here working on the rear seat cushions. While he was working on that, I tried to stay out of his way when he didn’t need help. I also wanted to keep dust to a minimum, so couldn’t sand :). Sean started at the thigh support end.

One thing I had to do to help Sean was build a jig that replicated the seat back to spar intersection of the rear seat. That was just 2 pieces of 1/4″ ply bondoed together. He used it as a frame to build the cushion off of.

Then the rest of the help was simply sitting in the seat to see how it felt. We got to what I thought was pretty close. I should have known better than fitting to my body. That is really Kevin’s seat, I should have had him making decisions on where to add foam. No big deal, Sean is coming next week and we will get it dialed in then.

In between tasks working with Sean I did get the hard points for the rudder actuation bell cranks bonded in. They were floxed in place, then 2 plies bid over top. Still have a few more pieces to make. But soon we should have rudder actuation.


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