Red Eye

I got home from work today around 0500. Red eye flights are no fun… And less if you are the pilot. This one I got to nap through. Even so, a nap was more than necessary.

Since the weather was good, a friend of mine and fellow builder flew up from Milwaukee to inspect my project and help me make some plans. Craig is building a few different airplanes right now, but is more than familiar with composites.

He gave my finishing work a nod of confidence. I have been thinking of doing more coats of primer, but
Craig says I should move on. The fact of the matter is that this primer is sacrificial. Since I will be flying in this primer and not painting yet, most of this primer (50%-75%) will have to be removed and replaced before painting. Since my surfaces are airworthy, what’s the point? That was Craig’s message. I think I’m going to follow it for now.

The plan is to move on to engine and electrical work and try to get the airplane airworthy by spring. If when the airplane is airworthy, I have extra time before the weather is comfortably flyable, I will do some more rounds of primer. If not, I’ll let the sub par looks suffice. After all, even good primer doesn’t look as nice as a 30 foot paint job.

After Craig left, all I had time to do today was sand out the top of the gear leg micro… It was our anniversary today. So I had to be a good spouse and cut workshop time short.


In a couple days I’m going to fully assemble the airplane, because I want to see what it looks like all together. I’ve not seen it that way yet. I think it will give me plenty of motivation. I hope you will enjoy the photos as well. Here is how she is sitting in the garage now.


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