Odds and ends, tune in tomorrow

Today was a half day in the shop. So I had a long list of odds and ends I wanted to get done. In normal fashion I only got a few of them done.

Started by epoxy wiping the top of the main gear legs.

In between coats of epoxy wipe, I let it tack up a bit to allow subsequent coats to fill some voids. That gave me time to almost finish the nut plates on the top cowl. 2 more to go.

I also was able to sand out the rest of the primer on the top cowl. It still needs another coat on the top cowl, to try to make it a more uniform color, but the surface is pretty good.

Lastly, I got some of the nut plates installed on the right rudder so that the clecoes are not necessary to hold the rudder on any more.


At that time I ran out of workshop time for the day. I am pretty much at my wits end with primer for now. Plus, it’s almost November in Minnesota so I have to get the garage ready for parking Kevin’s car or I will be in the dog house. So tomorrow I am rearranging everything. That means the airplane needs to come out of the garage. While its out, I may as well take the opportunity to see what my airplane looks like. Stop back here tomorrow to see! Here is a sneak peak at the fuselage.

Oh, and Sean is well under way with my upholstery. Here is a photo of the cushions and foam in his shop.


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